Wintergreen KAL – Week 2 (Body)

Hi there everyone.

I very much hope you enjoyed starting your swatching for your Wintergreen cardigan. If you haven’t already – please do hop on over to my group on Ravelry to say hello and tell us about your plans and your yarn – or on Instagram using the tag #wintergreenkal.

This is Week 2 of the pattern – the Body – and the first installment of tips and tricks.

This week’s post includes some visuals for setting up your cable patterns for the body section of the cardigan – as well as a short film clip with a preview of the adult version and a little ‘how to’ for making the cluster stitches used in the cable pattern. You’ll also get to see my smiling face – though I do appear to be a little red. Not sure why…

Pattern Numbers

You may notice something a little different about my patterns when you first open them up – there are no numbers in them! This may seem a little bit strange (although it is becoming more common).

I have always found it really tricky to make sure I keep working the correct size when trying to knit from a string of numbers. For example,

CO 3 (3, 4, 5, 5, 6, 7) sts.

So, instead, in my patterns, where a number would usually go, you will see a lettered blank – e.g., CO A_____sts.

Refer to the table of numbers and find your size along the top of the table, then pick the number for your size for A and CO that number.










I usually go through the whole pattern and fill in the blanks with the numbers for the size I’m making – then I can just knit away and never find I’ve actually knit the sleeves for the sweater two sizes smaller than the one I’m making. Don’t ask.

Body Marker Set-up

I thought some little visuals might be a good place to start.

The ribbing on the cardigan is really straightforward – cast on and work in 2 x 2 ribbing (k2, p2) until piece measures 3in (for adult version) or 1.5-2in (for child version, depending on size).

Then you’ll do 2 rows in Stocking stitch (stockinette for the Americans in the group) – knit one row, purl one row.

On the knit row, you will place your markers, in preparation for starting your cables on the next RS (right side) row. I think a drawing is really helpful to picture where you’re headed.



When you begin the Cable pattern on the next Row 1, the cables will be worked between the markers already set-up, and a few knit and purl stitches will be added for cable definition.

On the Right Front (final section of the Wintergreen cable), don’t forget to start working the pattern from the stitch column listed in the pattern for your size. This ensures that both fronts of the cardigan will match.


After you’ve established the various cable patterns around the jumper, you will work as set without increasing or decreasing.

Optional Waist Shaping

If you prefer a little bit of waist shaping in your body (useful to provide a bit more shape to a woman’s jumper), you can add this in, but it’s optional, so don’t let it worry you if you don’t want to. It will still look lovely!

If you are adding in optional waist shaping you will have to do a little bit of brain work –

As you begin decreasing stitches, you will not have enough stitches to work the full cable pattern. Instead, continue to work the cable pattern for as long as possible. When you no longer have enough stitches to work it, work stitches ‘as set’ (knit the knits, purl the purls).

Then, when you start increasing for the bust, you’ll slowly get your stitches back until you have the full cable pattern again. When you do you m1 (make 1) stitches at the side seams, look at what type of stitch you need to work next on the cable pattern (knit or purl?) and increase using either a plain m1 (for knit) or a m1p (make 1 purl) for a purl stitch. If you want some more help on these, let me know and I’ll do an extra post.

Cabled Cluster Stitches

Want a hand with your cluster stitches? Check out the video here and get a preview of the adult version of the cardigan. (Promise I’ll get better at the video editing – for now, tonight’s video is in two parts!)

Part 1: Introduction to the KAL

Part 2: Cluster Stitches


Happy knitting! I look forward to seeing your progress photos…


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