Summer Flies Lace Knits: Pattern Pre-order – Anisoptera

Collection Preview #2:

Summer Flies Lace Knits:
A Dragonfly Study in Lace

Anisoptera Crescent shawl

Pattern Preview 2 of 4

Ebook Available for pre-order now

This week’s newsletter features the second pattern of the Summer Flies Lace Knits collection. Today I wanted to focus on the yarns used in the Summer Flies Lace collection and I thought, what better way to do that than to get Sylvan Tiger Yarns herself to tell you about them. But first a little bit about the pattern…

Anisoptera Crescent Shawl

When I started dreaming about this collection, I could picture perfectly the shawl I wanted – with dragonflies in flight along the border. It took awhile in the making to pick (and design some of my own) lace patterns to get the look I was after. I hope you’re as pleased with the effect as I am. The name, Anisoptera, comes from the scientific name for dragonflies and means ‘unequal-winged’. If you want to find out a bit more about dragonflies, check out the British Dragonfly Society website.

This shawl features short rows to shape the crescent shawl body, followed by three stacking lace patterns which continue the gradual crescent shape at the edges through gradual increases, framed with dragonfly wings. Some of the lace patterns are Shetland-inspired and feature lace on both sides (RS and WS rows). The full pattern collection and book will have a tutorial covering yarn overs on the WS of your work – how to make them and how to work them on the next row.

The sample is made in Sylvan Tiger Yarns Methera Lace in colourway Anisoptera. This is a beautifully soft knit with nearly equal amounts of silk and wool. The silk lends this piece a particular sheen that reminds me of dragonfly wings flashing in the sun. Perfect.

What you’ll need…

Yarn and Yardage Requirements:


  • 3.75mm needles

Finished Measurements (after blocking): 

  • 11in (18cm) deep by 60in (152.5cm) along top edge

E-book Pre-order: £9 (RRP will be £10 once released on 1st July)
Print book (including e-book) will be available 1st July

Click the buy now button to get your pre-order. You’ll be sent a PDF to your Ravelry library with details about the patterns so you can get all your supplies together, ready to start when the colleciton’s released on 1st July.

Interview with Katie from Sylvan Tiger Yarns

G: Tell me about yourself. How did you get into dyeing yarn? How did you start your company?

K: I’ve been knitting since I was little, taught by my mum. Then I discovered the wonderful world of Ravelry and started reading about all the processes involved with making yarn. Initially I tried dyeing with Kool Aid, who knew?! Then once I’d read about natural dyes that was it, that was the medium I wanted to work in. I started the business as the house was getting filled with more and more yarn so I thought I ought to have a go at selling some of it!

G: I love your logo. What led you to pick your company name and logo design?

K: I love tigers and trees, woods and forests. Sylvan means ‘of the woods’ so Sylvan Tiger seemed right. We went through a few drafts of the logo but once I saw this version I knew it was the right one straight away. He was always going to be a happy smiley tiger!

G: What is your favourite part about hand-dyeing yarns? Tell me about your process.

K: Working with natural dyes I love the subtle variations of colour you get using different modifiers. The colours never look flat; there’s always a depth to them. No two dye pots are ever quite the same. I Iove dyeing bright jewel colours, especially purples. My customers seem to like those too. Solid colours are dyed in large pots on the hob, whilst variegated colours are either hand painted or dyed in trays with the dye dribbled on. It’s messy and fun. So far nothing in the kitchen has been permanently dyed that I didn’t intend to dye!

G: What got you interested in working with Petitchoufleur Knits and how did that come about?

K: I wanted to approach some designers to see about getting some patterns designed using my yarn as people at shows had asked if there were patterns to go with the yarn. Being a shy person, this was a bit of a daunting task! Petitchoufleur Knits came to mind though as Gwen is local to me and we’d met once or twice at Baa Ram Ewe. The world of social media is great in that you can be in touch with people all over the world, but it felt important to work with someone local and as it turns out, you can’t hand over soggy bags of freshly dyed yarn over the internet! Location aside and most importantly, I admired Gwen’s designs. Gwen had quite a few patterns for smaller quantities of yarn, and since I dye in small dye lots the partnership seemed a good fit. A hot chocolate (or two!) later and here we are with a collection and I’ve been on my first photo shoot, darlings!

G: What was your inspiration for the dragonfly colours you’ve dyed specially for this project?

K: When Gwen told me that her collection was to be themed around Dragonflies it sounded a perfect match for my yarns as the jewel-like colours of Dragon and Damsel flies are my kind of colours. So of course I googled images of Dragonflies and came up with a selection of ideas.  All the yarns in the Summer Flies collection are dyed using a small palette of natural dyes (mainly Logwood Purple, Cochineal and Saxon Blue with a little bit of pomegranate and fustic). One thing I love about natural dyes is that all the colours produced seem to go so well together without clashing, but by using a small palette of dyes, I hoped that all the colourways would work well together as a collection.

Click here to see all the featured colourways of the Summer Flies collection, specially dyed by Katie at Sylvan Tiger Yarns.

Marrying the two… a Summer Knit-A-Long

Katie and I put our heads together this past week and thought that you all might enjoy doing a KAL for the Summer Flies Knits. What do you think?

To find out more, jump on over to my group on Ravelry and join in. We’re looking forward to meeting everyone there and having some fun knitting these patterns together. We’ll be having a casting-on party on Ravelry and Twitter on Friday 3rd July after the patterns are released. There’s a special Yarndale surprise included too…think discounts and prizes.


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