Summer Flies Lace Knits Available for Pre-order

Summer Flies Lace Knits: A Dragonfly Study in Lace

Demoiselle cowl and mitts – Pattern Preview 1 of 4

Ebook Available for pre-order now

It’s been quiet around here for a long time – but that’s because I’ve been hard at work pulling together my next collection of lovely patterns for you to knit. We had the greatest time doing the photoshoot for these patterns at Tropical World, a local attraction with exotic fish, birds and butterflies. When we shot in the morning, the koi fish were busy catching bugs (unfortunately very difficult to show in photos) and we spent a lot of time ‘keeping still’ to see if a butterfly would land…but they were a bit shy!

Starting today, you can  pre-order the Summer Flies Lace Knits collection at a discounted rate – as a thank you for taking a risk on the collection without knowing what all the patterns will be like. On the 1st July, when the full collection is released, the price will increase.

Over the next four weeks, I’ll be previewing one of the patterns in the Summer Flies collection each week. The full collection will be released in PDF and print on the 1st July.

  • Print books will be delivered through MagCloud. You’ll get the ebook included when you buy the print version.
  • Ebook will be delivered through Ravelry.

I want to keep the patterns a surprise each week, but I can tell you in addition to this cowl and mitt set, the collection also includes a pair of socks, a sleeveless vest top, and a crescent shawl. The patterns use a range of yarn weights from lace to 4ply to DK. Each pattern uses lace knitting – some patterns have more than others, with varying complexity. Lace patterns include both written and charted directions.

Summer Flies Lace Knits: Casual Summer Elegance and a Study in Dragonflies

Last summer when I visited my home stomping grounds in upstate New York, I was inspired by dragonflies – their colours, the delicacy of their wings, and their fickle, flitting nature (!). Since then, I’ve been exploring the best ways to replicate their distinctive wings and beautiful colours in yarn. After some experimentation, I decided on lace motifs to mimic the distinctive lace-like pattern on their wings.

And then for the colours, which had to be just right…

I’ve worked with Katie from Sylvan Tiger Yarns on the collection. She’s created some special new ‘dragonfly’ shades with her natural dyes just for this collection. They mimic the waves of colour in dragonfly tails and evoke the feeling of summer sun, sky and sea. (Also, her yarns are really lovely to knit with!)

Pattern the first: Demoiselle cowl and mitts 

Demoiselle includes a single or double loop cowl and some wonderfully lacy matching mitts, perfect for a summer tea party. It’s all about the little details on these – a picot cast-on, wing-shaped lace patterns, and touches of applied i-cord. I think they go perfectly with a glass of lemonade in the summer sun…read to the end for a quick recipe for a ‘posh’  muddled lemonade perfect for a tea party to give you that summer feeling (no matter what the weather’s doing!).

The double loop cowl (shown in pictures) can be worn as a long loop, as a doubled loop for a flowing neck accessory…or as a shawl, held round the shoulders and fixed at the front with a shawl pin to keep the evening chill off as the sun goes down. It’ll look lovely any way you choose to wear it – and it’s a versatile accessory. Did I mention it’s fun to make too?

The generous double loop cowl and mitts samples were made from 200g of 4ply, with some leftovers – so pick your two favourite skeins of Yan Sock here, pre-order the book and get your needles ready.

What you’ll need for Demoiselle…

Yarn and Yardage Requirements:

This is enough to make a full set of larger size mitts and double loop cowl. Pre-order page has more specific info about yardage needed.

Needles: 3.75mm needles

  • Mitts – XS/S (M/L)
    • Circumference: 6(8)in / 15(20.5) cm
    • Height: 7in / 18cm
  • Cowls – Single (Double)
    • Circumference: 20(50)in / 56(127) cm
    • Height: 7in / 18cm

E-book Pre-order: £9 (RRP will be £10)
Print book will be available 1st July

Lemonade Muddle: A Taste of summer

I love a muddle – and they’re easier than you think. I was first introduced to it as a Brazilian drink made with sugar, limes and vodka. While that’s yummy, these lemon and lime varieties will keep you cool in the sun and evoke that summer feel.

What you’ll need:

  • a muddler (if you don’t have one – I don’t – use a pestle or the end of a rolling pin or something else with a wide base and a convenient handle)
  • 2 lemons
  • raspberries (fresh or frozen) – or other berries you like
  • water (optional: use soda water…or vodka for a summer cocktail)
  • sugar or agave nectar (optional)
  • ice

To make:

  • Cut your lemon into slices (de-seed). Add to the bottom of your glass
  • Use your muddler to start to squeeze out the juices – press down and do a quarter turn. Repeat a few times.
  • Add your raspberries and muddle the same.
  • Once your juice level reaches the top of your fruit, you’re ready to add your liquid – water or soda water.
  • Add sugar/syrup and ice as desired

Want to muddle like a pro? Check out this blog for a few tips.

Here are some other summer muddles I think would taste great:

Muddle along until we meet again…


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