My First Sweater workshop

I’m excited to announce a new workshop for knitters who’ve never knitted a sweater before – or who want a walk-through all of the steps before having a go at a full-size one.

It’s called My First Sweater and is an introduction to sweater knitting for those who are a bit anxious about making the jump.

Having worked in a wool shop for several years, I understand how big this leap can feel. A sweater is an investment of time and money, and you want it to come out right.

Most knitters I meet want just a bit of reassurance that they can do this project. I am familiar with the fears –

  • what if, once it’s done, I don’t like it or the style doesn’t suit me?
  • or, what if it doesn’t fit me?
  • And the ‘in the midst of knitting’ frustrations – what does this instruction mean? how do you join those seams? why don’t I have the right number of sts (and can I fix it)?
  • It can be intimidating to look at 4-10 pages of instructions and not be quite sure where to begin.

For many people, sweaters are the knitter’s holy grail – that which makes them ‘real’ knitters.

I’m here to let you in on a little secret…jumpers aren’t actually that hard. They may take time and there may be funny instructions to understand, but once you understand the basic underlying structure of what you’re making, many things will become clear. Also, most sweaters have sections of stocking stitch in-between the more complicated ‘thinking’ parts – lots of time for your mind to rest – great for travel or TV knitting even. If you take it one step at a time and don’t get ahead of yourself, you will make progress and it will work.

In the round

My First Jumper Workshop

The My First Jumper workshop is designed to help knitters confidently tackle their first jumper. Whether you’re an advanced ‘accessories’ knitters, never having wanted to tackle larger projects, or if it’s just ‘time’ to take your first foray into the world of sweater, this full-day workshop will take you through all the steps so you’ll know what to expect.

One of my personal workshop pet peeves is when you make a ‘simple’ version of something, which is actually so simple it doesn’t cover any of the trickier things you wanted to learn in the first place. So, we’re not taking the easy way out here – which means you’ll really go away with all the skills you need to make a jumper.

We’ll cover the ins and outs of:

  • picking a size, based on some simple measurements and design fit/style
  • think a little about what styles might suit you
  • swatching – or how to check something’s going to fit
  • knit an actual jumper (mini) – either in the round or flat, depending on how your first sweater pattern is worked – including waist/bust shaping
  • translating increase and decrease directions from different designers, plus a little look at mapping different sets of increases or decreases together
  • talking about different sweater styles, so you become familiar with new terms and can make sense of sweater descriptions – for example, raglan v set-in sleeves, tailored v relaxed fit

To make the most of the workshop, it’s great to come with a sweater in mind that you’d like to make. You’ll also need to bring a stocking stitch swatch in DK yarn, so we can practice counting sts and rows.

knit flat

Coming to a Shop near you: Where can I book on?

I’ll be teaching the first round of these workshops in the upcoming months.

Links below either take you to online booking (if available) or to shop details so you can get in touch to book:

Saturday 8th November @ Ramshambles, York
Saturday 22nd November @ Baa Ram Ewe, Harrogate

Sat 24th January @ Baa Ram Ewe (Headingley) – would make a great Christmas present methinks…

What next?

Of course, there’s always more to learn when it comes to knitting and fitting garments. I can fully recommend the Knit to Flatter book, as well as Little Red in the City.

Adjusting and fitting garments to you can seem a complicated process, but the benefits in terms of fit and wearability are worth it – and it does get easier with time. If you’ve knit sweaters before and haven’t been happy with the fit, check out these books.

For a more hand’s on approach, check out my Sweater workshop which talks about ways to modify garments. Ideal for knitters who’ve tried sweaters in the past and not been happy with the results.

You go away with a full set of body measurements and notes on when and how to make adjustments. In the workshop, we practice on your sweater of choice and you get individualised help measuring swatches, picking sizes, sussing out adjustments you might want to make and … a follow-on 1:1 session with me in a coffee shop or via Skype or email about a month after the workshop.

You can book these workshops here:

Saturday 15th November @ Baa Ram Ewe, Headingley

Saturday 28th February @ Baa Ram Ewe, Harrogate (not advertised yet – but you can put it in your diary)

Saturday 7th March @ Wool N Stuff, Wakefield



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