Yarndale: a great weekend!

So, I was at Yarndale two weekend’s ago, along with lots of other knitters, crocheters and fibre enthusiasts. I had a fabulous time – and I hope you did too!

(If you didn’t go and are close by, best get booking your tickets for next year…advance tickets is definitely the way to go.)

It was great to see how the festival has grown this year – I know the organisers worked hard to make this year even better than last year.

There was lots of lovely yarn-related decoration around – on stalls, woven into the walls and hanging everywhere, including on the Yarndale bus. Let me tell you, that was a lot of hours of work that those knitters and crocheters put in, and it made everything feel festive. You can see some of the crocheted mandalas here – I love these.


I was lucky enough to go both days this year. I went with some friends for a girl’s day out on the Saturday. It was also great to meet up with a few friends I hadn’t seen in awhile too. I still know a few stall-holders from my days working at the lovely Baa Ram Ewe shop and it was lovely to catch up a bit.

First order of business was to drop off my newest jumper, Victoria, to the Wensleydale Sheepshop stand for display. They were kind enough to back my idea with some of their lovely yarn – such a dream to knit and becomes like silk once it’s washed. The jumper really suits their yarn.

Armpit healed

Then, we had a lovely wander and I scored some awesome silk yarn at the Fyberspates stand where they were selling down all their hand-dyed, as they’re changing over to just commercial yarns.

Silk 2

Sunday I was back on the first Yarndale bus to go teach workshops.

We had the lovely Wensleydale Boardroom (ala Wensleydale sheep – you know the ones with all the curls?) which was a great space. I brought lots of samples for people to have a look at and taught some lovely people lots of new things. I taught some younger ones how to knit, walked some people through a simple tea cosy which I think a lot of people are going to get for Christmas with some creative embellishments (!), and then helped a group of ladies get to grips with intarsia and a bit of loop stitch – to make nothing other than a Wensleydale sheep.


It was a great day and I enjoyed meeting new people and helping them get to grips with new knitting things – so much so that I completely forgot to take pictures. You’ll just have to take my word for it that they were nice… and here’s an alpaca to take your mind off my lapse.

alpaca cropped


I’ve already got a few other projects on the go, but I couldn’t resist starting to swatch some of the silk – I’m thinking of making Glaize.



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