Olivia: a partner for Oliver

Have you ever seen the movie Victor Victoria? The amazing Julie Andrews plays a woman playing a man playing a woman – complicated right?

My first ever jumper – a men’s modern-style gansey – is called Victor. After I made it I kept saying ‘Victor Victoria’ to myself – and the concept stuck. There needed to be a women’s version. The Victoria jumper will be coming out at the end of August, but first – Olivia.


Screenshot 2014-08-03 20.33.13

Although I finished it first, Olivia is my second take on the theme of the male/female jumper. The companion jumper, Oliver, was released about a month ago and has been really popular so far.

I’ve published a few tutorials to date to help knitters figure out the pattern. I’ve recently had some kind comments from several knitters to say they really enjoyed knitting the pattern for a few key reasons:

  • I used tables for the pattern numbers so you can fill in the numbers for just your size in the pattern – which causes much less confusion when you’re knitting.
  • Also, although the pattern looks complicated, all of the different textures and cables line up nicely and are therefore easy to memorise!

What great feedback – thanks!


The middle to end of summer is the perfect time to start knitting your perfect autumn jumper or cardy, so it’s ready when the first cold snap comes. (Hopefully still a few months off!)

For Olivia, I’ve based the design on Oliver and added in some feminine details like waist shaping and smaller cables, while keeping the relaxed fit. This gives the jumper a more fitted feel.

As with the Oliver jumper, you can knit it with different options:

  • A pullover or a cardigan version (the cardigan is steeked)
  • A hood or a simple crewneck collar
  • With or without pockets

This pattern really looks stellar in a pure wool, as it gives great stitch definition and really highlights the textures and lets the cables pop. Make it a treat to wear with some lovely, warm natural fibres. The Olivia sample has been knitted in Cascade 220, which is a go-everywhere wool which comes in loads of fabulous colours. The Oliver sample has been knitted in Jarol Aran, which is a local wool for me – Yorkshire-based sheep (North Massam), spun locally, and locally supplied by Woolcraft; I love it’s woolly softness and natural colours.

Oliver and Olivia are both available on Ravelry – or why not get both? They are available together as the Double OO: Oliver and Olivia ebook, with a discount.

DSC_1737 sm

Olivia Front 1

Olivia – £5

Oliver – £5

Buy them together: Double OO eBook – £9


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