Oliver Tutorial no. 2 – Reading Your Knitting – Cables

This tutorial is the second in a series of tutorials to help you knit my Oliver pattern. (They will help with Olivia too, which will be coming soon.) To make sure you don’t miss one, you can follow my blog (on the Home Page) and sign up for the newsletter.

Below you can see the upcoming tutorials you can look forward, each designed to make it faster and easier to make this jumper, and offer some tips and tricks that I didn’t have space for in the pattern. I am a workshop tutor at heart and couldn’t help thinking tutorial as I was knitting this jumper. So many chances to learn some great new skills.

Oliver & Olivia Tutorial Series

Tutorial no. 1 – Reading your knitting (aka help with Double Moss Stitch)

Tutorial no. 2 – Reading your knitting (aka help with the cables)

Tutorial no. 3 – Steeking (aka special diagonal pockets)

This tutorial uses the Staghorn Cable, worked on the front and the back of the Oliver jumper, to show the technique. In these photos, I am working with Cascade 220 yarn – lovely stuff and great for cables. The Central Staghorn cable is cabled every other round, and the upward-facing cables at each side are worked every 4 rounds.

Cables worked every other round (in the round)

I find it difficult sometimes to read my cables, especially when I’m working in the round where you don’t have a WS (wrong side) row to help you identify your place on the chart, so I’ve put together this short picture tutorial to help you with this pattern.

  1. When you have worked a cable on the last round, your sts will pull quite sharply vertical onto the needle. This means you need to work this round in pattern simply knitting the knits and purling the purls. (If you’re not sure how to identify your knits and your purls, please see Tutorial 1.)

Cable 1 Photo

  1. When you have worked a non-cabled round in pattern on the last round, your sts will sit peacefully on your needle with no pulling. This means you will need to cable this round.

Cable 2 Photo

Cables worked every 4th round

The upward-facing cables that frame the central Staghorn Cable are every 4th round. These cables I find have to look almost too open before they’re ready to cable.

Two hints here:

  1. Here is a picture of the 8 st cable that’s worked every 4th round. In this picture it is ready to be cabled. The sts sit evenly spaced on the needle without any pulling or skewing from the previous cable round.

Cable 3

2. Here’s another way to tell if you’re ready to work a cable round.

-Insert a spare needle into the ‘gap’ made by cabling (it creates a tiny hole in the fabric when you cross your sts, usually invisible). Make sure the spare needle is toward the top of the hole. The sts over the needle will look slightly stretched as they were stretched in the cabling process. This is your last cable.

-Now, count the sts above the needle. You do not count the one over the spare needle or the one on your working needles.

-The number of sts between the spare needle and the working needle are the number of rows you have worked since the last cable row.

In the picture below, I am on my 4th round (I have not worked it yet) and I am ready to cable.

Cable 4


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