Beyond the Basics – no. 2

My Beyond the Basics workshops, jointly designed with Baa Ram Ewe, have been super popular. They’re designed to help newer knitters gain confidence, learn new stitches, try some new techniques (like lace, cable and colourwork), and get more familiar with pattern reading.

But, what do you do after you’ve learned these basics? Leave them behind, of course!

I’m pleased to say Leave the Basics Behind workshops are available to book at Baa Ram Ewe – just click on either of the links below. The workshop in Headingley is delivered over four weeks in May (2 hrs, on a Tuesday evening) and the Harrogate one is delivered over two weeks in June (4 hrs, over two Sundays):

Leave the Basics Behind – Baa Ram Ewe – Headingley
Leave the Basics Behind – Baa Ram Ewe – Harrogate

Starting a new trend…

From now on, when I design a new project for a workshop, I’m also going to make it available online – so that even if you can’t come to the workshop, you can still have fun making a new knitting project. I hope you like this development! It should work particularly for those who aren’t local to my little corner of Yorkshire.

Without further ado, here is the pattern for this sample cushion, now available via my Ravelry: Beyond the Basics no. 2

What to say about Beyond the Basics no. 2?

This cushion is a stitch sampler – a great chance to try out some new techniques. There are tips and tricks throughout, along with a full abbreviations guide and step-by-step instructions for the trickier stitches.

BtB2 workshop


What do I get to try?

The pattern includes squares using blackberry stitch, entrelac, herringbone stitch, twisted stitches and bobbles, mosaic stitch (slipped stitch patterning), smocking stitch, a centre-start square using a pinhole cast on, a log cabin with picked up stitches and a two-colour carried stitches square.

What materials will I need to give it a go?

  • 2 x 100g of DK wool (approximately 450m – though I had some leftovers). This cushion is knitted in the luxurious Blue-faced Leicester DK from West Yorkshire Spinners. Blue-faced Leicester is the Merino of Britain – nice and soft, but still woolly.
  • 4mm needles (for most squares)
  • 4mm double-pointed needles (for the centre-start square)
  • 6mm needles (for the herringbone square)

What if I want to learn new stitches but I don’t like pillows?

You could make it into a scarf. Or a bag – knit a plain ‘back’ to the bag or a second set of squares. Or what about combining these squares with some plain ones and making a blanket?

Too small for a blanket? Get some bigger needles and extra yardage in an aran or chunky wool – and knit it up bigger.



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