Christmas 2013 No. 1: Rock, Paper, Scissors

From now until Christmas, I will be releasing a new knitting pattern each month to help you in your quest for Christmas knits – finding that perfect gift for your loved ones.

Here’s the first installment of Christmas 2013, though you may have spotted I actually cheated a little and released this pattern a week early. Let me tell you about it and why I loved making them.

Rock, Paper, Scissors 

These chunky floor cushions – available in 3 sizes (19″ – 26″ diameters) – are simple, yet satisfying to knit. A good short-row taster, they are knit using garter stitch (just knit every row) and super chunky wool, so are perfect for the most basic beginner, yet satisfying to knit for the more advanced knitter. You never get too old for the basics.

I was inspired to design these as I was missing having some large pillows around for floor-sitting. (I am un-reformed floor-sitter, despite being past university age now.) I wanted to find the most sensible way to make these pillows and love how the short row wedges shape the knitting into an automatic curve – a nice little bit of structure that makes you, as the knitter, feel quite clever indeed.

Due to their construction (short-rows wedges), they would take well to striping and would look like peppermints or rainbows, depending on your colour choices.

Go ahead, experiment and see what you come up with! I would love to see your photos as well, so do share your creations on the Ravelry projects page.

This pattern is available on Ravelry as a digital download.


Rock, Paper, Scissors chunky floor cushions

Rock, Paper, Scissors chunky floor cushions


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