Welcome to Petitchoufleur Knits

Welcome along! If you’re come to say ‘hello’ – ‘hello’ to you as well. It’s great to have you along on my little knitting journey.

I decided it was finally time to start a website to try and corral in one place all of the many knitting ideas that are part of my life right now.

Let me being at the beginning, with an introduction:

I am a budding knitwear designer and experienced workshop tutor, currently living in Yorkshire, England. I’m originally from the US of A.

I love helping knitters both find patterns and yarn they love (a yarn shop is like a candy store, don’t you agree?), and helping them to gain the skills and confidence to knit whatever they want. I love teaching knitting – best job ever.

I have also been learning so much through my forays into design so far! There’s something new with every pattern – which just multiplies the fun for me, as I love problem-solving.

At the moment, I am designing whatever strikes my fancy. I design both simple knits for beginners (check out myRelax tunic ) and more complex knits to help knitters continue to enjoy learning new things (like cabled i-cord and hemmed edges – see my Curvy Cables Vest top). My aim is for all of my knits to be fun to make – with hopefully a little bit of knitterly cleverness thrown in.

Designing is a bit like a puzzle to me – a bit of inspiration, a great yarn, a vision of what I’m aiming for – and then to try and find the neatest way to execute that vision in yarn!

I do loads of other things as well, including teaching workshops, commission knits, work with student designers and technical editing. Check out my other services here.

I’m planning to blog regularly, every 1-2 weeks, about mostly knittng-related topics, including tips and tricks to help improve your own knitting. I’ll just grow with this and see where it goes.

If you want to come along for the ride, why not follow my blog? Have something to say or share, put it in the comments. I’d love to hear your thoughts (and questions) on knitting!

To celebrate the launch of my new website, and the run up to Christmas (yes, it’s coming up quickly for us knitters), I’m going to be releasing a new knitting pattern every month – especially to help you with gift ideas. First pattern will be released on Monday 2nd September, so do check back!


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